What is The Biblical Family?

In today’s American culture, the family dynamic is broken. Where once a family was a father, a mother, and child(ren) there is now a father, a mother, a step-father, a step-mother, and child(ren). Or a family is a single mom or a single dad or there is no involved parent so the grandparents are raising the children. And now even two males or two females can create a family through adoption or artificial insemination. That’s the “new normal.” Any group of people can be a family as long as there is love. All you need is love, they say. But this is broken. The family dynamic is broken because of sin. Divorce without biblical grounds, having a child out of wedlock, homosexuality, infidelity. . .it’s all sin and it’s all outside of God’s will for a family. Not that God can’t or won’t make these things right but we are living in a culture where these things are seen as normal, as okay, as valid. Doing things outside of God’s will and standard is never valid, however. God has defined marriage as one man and one woman committed to each other for life through the bonds of a covenant. He has defined sex as a sacred act shared by a husband and wife to bring them together as one flesh and to create life. So when we forsake marriage or reduce sex to a purely physical act we live outside of God’s standard, outside of His will, outside of His definition, and we live within brokenness.

The biblical family, however, strives to live according to God’s definition of a family. The biblical family begins with a husband and wife who are faithful to the covenant they made and are always striving to deepen their marriage bond. And as parents they do not forget their marriage but continue to strengthen it as a foundation for their family. They strive to train their children according to God’s Word, laying down their own life to faithfully care for the little ones God has given them. They desire to glorify God above all else; above the cultural norms, the public view, and even above themselves.


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