Birth Control: Right or Wrong?

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Birth control

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After my last post about children I started getting questions about my view of birth control. My immediate response was more or less, “I don’t know, I’m still thinking about it.”

While preparing for marriage I read a book about sexual intimacy in marriage and it covered the different forms of birth control. With the exception of condoms, all of them left a small window of chance for an egg to be fertilized and then terminated or they sounded shady in a way that made me feel uneasy. I discussed it with Kyle and we both quickly agreed that we would not take that chance. So, as a person who values the sanctity of life and lives by biblical standards, I would argue that using most forms of birth control is wrong. Of course, that leaves myself and anyone else who has faced this with the question, what about condoms or any other “safe” form of birth control? And is using birth control failing to trust God with this area of our life? After a long discussion with my husband and some time in prayer, I came to the conclusion that it is not wrong to use condoms but neither is it wrong to not use condoms.

I believe that a couple can use condoms and still be trusting in God to determine the right time for them to have a child. If they continually seek God’s will through prayer then I believe that God will let them know when it’s time. And of course condoms or any means of birth control do not limit God. He holds all things together and works all things out according to His will.

On the other extreme, I don’t believe that it is wrong or irresponsible of a couple to not use birth control as long as it is something of which God has convicted them. I do believe that God opens and closes the womb and that He is in complete control. If a couple has sought God’s wisdom and feels strongly that they should forgo birth control then I believe that they are completely right to do so.

That is my view on birth control. I know that this is a hot topic and that there are many different opinions. It was hard to think through and come to a conclusion. It’s a gray area for Christians and I think the best thing to do is to seek God’s will and wisdom through prayer and trust in Him. He knows what is best for your marriage and family. I think that is something that all young married couples and parents can find peace in.


3 thoughts on “Birth Control: Right or Wrong?

  1. In my marriage, we don’t use any form of birth control as a moral guideline. Plus, when you look into the chemical blessings from semen, for instance as an instant mood uplifter and a depression reliever, you can see why following God’s plan makes sense whether it seems right with the secular world or not. Being always open to life and to further propagation your husband’s bloodline, can do nothing but enrich marital life. I know it is a hot button issue with most. But that is where I stand. I am also 29 with 6 boys. 😉 The hubs is 31.

  2. Sarah,

    I love this post. Of course, I agree with it. Who knows though if we had different opinion. Once we started praying about our family size so much made sense. It’s crazy that often Christians don’t pray about having children or birth control. We just go with the status quo without thinking and praying.

    For us, all it took was someone saying something like, “Have you ever thought about praying for God to show you? ” WOW! So random right? Not!

    But for us soon after we learned that no matter how small a chance if a sperm could contact with an egg even .01% then it wasn’t an option. So that left condoms and NFP. It also left surgery, which wasn’t an option at the time. So we did a bunch of praying… Every month. Several of my kids were conceived at times after we knelt in prayer by our bed before making love. In fact one sweet day, I said I would submit to my husband and go buy condoms if he wanted. I was sure he would want me to. I had just miscarried at 16 weeks pregnant and was an emotional mess plus we already had a bunch of kids. Nope, he said let’s trust God to open or shut your womb. So now I have an elite athlete who blesses my socks off with her ability and grace. Who knows where God will take her. I even had the worst post-partum depression with her.

    We agreed that we would never manipulate each other about not having children. We knew that we were to be open to having kids then until God said its ok to stop. After 7 biological children, we knew we were done having children but also knew that we were supposed to adopt. I mean knew it deep in our being. No question, no manipulation, we both knew and we knew for 1 year that our season for biological children was over. That was our agreement… Nothing permanent unless we knew that we knew for one year with no wavering. So… I shocked everyone and got my tubes tied. Two years later we started the adoption process. We brought home two Ethiopian babies when our youngest bio kid was 3 years old.

    Nine kids… I can say for certain that our quiver is full, that we obeyed God because someone suggested we pray about it. Now, that’s what I tell couples too. Just pray about it. God is faithful to show you. And don’t be surprised if His plan is different then yours, just remember his plan is the best!!!

  3. God has giving us all a sex drive so we will reproduce and not die out, it is kind of like the hunger drive he gave us so we want starve. Like the hunger drive the longer you go with out eating an food , foods that you would not ever eat, start to look good to you, the same is all so with your sex drive, sex acts that you never would think of like homosexuality, or incest, or rape, etc… start to appeal to you. The Bible says that we can fast sexually as well as from food to devote ourself s to the Lord in prayer but only for a time so we wont be tempted by the flesh or satan, and this has to be a joint choice by a husband and wife to go on this sexual fast, not an forced fast by one party on the other, you must never not please your mate or use your body to gain control or black mail them, or punish them, for this is one of your primary martial duty’s. For those who are not married the Bible says it is better to marry then to burn with passion, passion is what can get you in trouble, if you are a virgin then most of the time your sex drive is some what dormant, it depends on what your brain has been exposed to in your up bringing. Now about birth control, I believe that the Bible clearly says, who that will be born, are who that will not be born should be left up to God and is not our choice to make it is Gods choice. God has made nature ways of birth control, like when a woman can only get pregnant when she is ovulating, and she cant get pregnant while she is breast feeding her baby.Genesis 30:1-2 Says when Rachel saw that she was not bearing Jacob any children, she became jealous of her sister. So she said to Jacob,”Give me children, or ILL die! Jacob became angry with her and said, “Am I in the place of God,who has kept you from having children?

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