Pornography Follow Up

My husband found a video about porn addiction and after watching it I decided to write a follow up post. This video is from the scientific perspective only and I think that speaks volumes.

Pornography rewires your brain and the more you do it the more your spouse becomes unsatisfying and unattractive to you. The only thing that will satisfy you is more porn but that is only temporary and isn’t truly satisfying. As the video said, it’s like a drug. It functions as a drug within your brain and you start to crave porn instead of intimacy. So instead of desiring a close relationship where your intimacy lies deeper than sexual gratification (and where sex is a sacred act used to express love and a deep bond) you desire an erotic fantasy world that rewires your brain from its natural state into a state of addiction. And it has been shown that what porn finds acceptable influences our culture so that we find it acceptable. Once we as a society accept graphic and unnatural ways of having and exploring sex then what kind of society are we leaving for our children? They will grow up to believe that such sexual experience is “normal” and the level of acceptance will only grow.

That’s just the science of it but when we look beyond that to the God who created our brains and we look at this from His perspective we see an even deeper issue. Not only does pornography rewire our brains and promote sexual perversion but it dishonors God’s gift of sex and it doesn’t bring Him glory. It’s destructive. It destroys the healthy functioning of our brains, the future for our children, our marriages, our families, and our relationship with (and to) God. That is not a place that you, as a Christian man or woman, want to be. If we were created to worship and glorify God with our bodies and with our lives then sexual immorality must cease. We cannot stand up under it and we cannot pass it on to our children.

Even the video said that this can be helped but unfortunately that message was “just stop long enough and the addiction will go away.” We all know that “just stop” is harder than it sounds. I gave some steps in beginning the journey to healing here but for further help I suggest a Christian based addiction recovery program or counseling. Also, here’s a website to look into:

The most important first steps to take are repentance and confession. Repent to the Lord, confess to your spouse and then to a trusted pastor or friend. Tell someone who will help you find the counseling, program, or whatever it is that you need to get help. You don’t have to be stuck in this addiction. You don’t have to live with the guilt. There is hope for you.


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