The Family is Broken

Everywhere I look, I see the effects of a broken family. Marriages are falling apart, fathers are uninvolved, mothers are trying to hold it all together, and children are neglected, acting out from being emotionally abandoned and hurt. Spouses are choosing their own happiness over being faithful. Men are involved with pornography and women are seeking intimacy from a fantasy world. And we’re living in a culture that says all of this is okay, it’s good.

“Go ahead and leave your spouse if that’s what makes you happy! It’s all about being happy!”

“Porn is normal and all men do it so just accept it! It’s okay!”

“It’s okay to be selfish because it’s all about YOU!”

These are all lies. And we believe them. We allow these lies to take root in our hearts, in our families, and it causes destruction.

Satan is at work in families. He’s tearing them apart, wrecking his havoc, and bringing hopelessness to their situations. Satan doesn’t want families to be united or to function as God has designed them. He wants them to fail. Because of this, to live and function as a biblical family takes hard work and dedication. We have to be selfless, we have to follow God’s will and not our own, we have to believe in His truth and put away the lies. It’s not easy and it often means great hardship for us. It hurts our pride to put others before ourself. It takes courage to face the messy and painful situations that can arise within family drama. But we have to fight against Satan’s schemes and not neglect our families or our roles within our family. We need to do better.

The family needs healing. Are you going to be apart of the healing or apart of the destruction?

Husbands, are you going to love your wife as Christ loves the church? Are you going to be faithful to her? Fathers, are you going to be involved with your children? Are you going to raise your sons to be godly, upright men or are you going to leave them to figure it out on their own? Are you going to tell your daughters that they are lovely, beautiful, worthy, and show them how they should be treated? If you don’t someone else will and it most likely will not be the message they need.

Wives, are you going to respect and submit to your husband? Are you going to be faithful to him? Mothers, are you going to cherish your children? Are you going to appreciate the strength in your sons and the beauty in your daughters, each in their own unique way? Are you going to be present with your children, not just filling their physical needs, but their emotional and spiritual as well?

We need more men and women who are wholeheartedly committed to doing marriage and parenting God’s way. Are you going to follow God’s design into a full, hope filled, Spirit led life or are you going to follow your own design into further hopelessness and destruction? Do it God’s way; for yourself, for your spouse, for your children, for your God.


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